Beauty Bar


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Experiential Design

Tasked with providing Colgate with an exclusive press and media focused event to highlight their Optic White Toothpaste during Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Taking place in an elevated penthouse in Soho, Manhattan with its own private rooftop.Olivia and Sophia Culpo along with other celebrity and high end media and press were the exclusive guests invited. Scientists showing hoe Optic White performers compared to the competition and Aura Readings. Pops of red through out the space highlighted key branding moments.

Exclusive guests were treated to appointments through out the day for professional hair and make up between film showings. Attendees experienced a unique and personal Aura reading creating a memorable picture and token they got to take home and remember from the event.

Midcentury modern white furniture with pops of red 

Beauitful florals. White director’s chairs set the scene for lights camera action before Tribeca Film Festival 

Studio loft.

*Complete Activation Deck available upon request.